Doll me up| Getting Ready for her big day

Yes I do shoot for other photographers and Photography companies, however my primary approach is to build rapport with the person I photograph. In a run amok of events requiring Candid Photography, I still feel it is essential for a bride (or the groom) to spare sometime to speak with the photographer, know about his style and see if that's something they are looking out for. Shot this lovely bride for HD Pixelate Photo and Films

We all went for a Day out| Akash + Bhoomi PreWedding

Okay let us get it straight, this set will not feature any behind the scenes images but we actually went on a Official Pre Wed shoot with the family. I'll post the other stories some other day (perhaps you might have seen them on my insta stories ;) ) So plan was simple to spend the day. Reach Greenway properties (Wada), checkout a cool farm house, stroll down to see what's coming up nearby, walk down to the river side, take a nature trail and do some light painting (Hope you are following the tubestories). And.. And.. And.. we got these ;) Now the back story of these nature trail images is something we shouldn't miss, after taking a tractor ride (we wished we had an off road vehicle, that w

From Dawn to Dusk and Beyond| Manisha + Nitin Pre Wedding

We say "Its an Experience" and that's what we mean when we set for our Pre Wedding shoots. When I met Manisha and Nitin for the first time they seemed like every other couple who wanted to have a pre wedding shoot which would last for a couple of hours and get some pictures together. However me and Chinmay had different plans, we are stepping up the game to "make it" the experience we promise. It took us a while to visualise our plans, a handful of meetings (including one at Sai Baba Mandir, don't be stoked we meet people everywhere and anywhere, it is not about expensive coffee shops and happening places). Most importantly Manisha and Nitin gave us an insight of their love story and we d

Niti in Brandon Woelfel style

Every now and then you are inspired by a Photographer who has his own unique style of portrait imagery. I recently caught up with the cute Niti Taylor for her 1 million subscriber photoshoot and thought this would be the ideal time to try some portraits using Brandon Woelfel's style of portraiture. While I'll share more images from Niti's 1 million shoot later, this one is all about Brandon's style of imagery. Muse: Niti Taylor Assisted by : Chinmay Joshi Outfit : Floral Cold-shoulder Dress from Gear used: Canon 5D mark iii, Sigma 85mm 1.4 ART, USB Fairy Lights Processed in Adobe Lr classic cc

Ek Zhala Batuk|Thread Ceremony in Pune

Our communities are filled with milestone events all through our life. Stepping outside our routine documentation and event coverage, we have always cherished to find stories at every other corner of our lives. We recently travelled to Pune to document one of the most important milestones in a boy's life. Although an integral part of the Hindu culture (10th Sanskar of the Hindu Sanatan Dharma) , the thread ceremony has its own stature in the Maharashtrian community. This ceremony marks the coming of age of young boy with 3 vows : to respect knowledge, parents and the society. This is known as the "Supreme Teaching"

Lets Light Up Some Hair

Shooting models in the studio has been a regular affair for us, however to stand out in these art formations takes some effort. One has to take care of the lighting and posing to make these stand out images. In a first attempt I'm sharing a the images of the light setup and the final images, hope you pick a trick or two.

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