5 Changes to make better imagery

1. Changing from Natural Light photography to controlled Natural Light Photography: There is nothing called as the best time of the day to shoot an awesome image. In our quest to create art anywhere, anytime we learnt the first step is to master the light, how it falls, where it spreads, how it intensifies and why it differs. We combined the our knowledge of ambient and artificial lighting to make it stand out and magic began. How to control natural light, we will share the guidelines soon. 2. Rediscover your self : As a photographer you have to proud of your creations and then be your biggest critic, re visit old images , recreate similar images , find the reason it all started and why you

Damn! We nailed it ;)

Back in October when we did the Light Painting image at our workshop, a friend suggested to check out images by Eric Paré. I must confess I fall for artist who are consistent with their works. The whole body of work was phenomenal with a single concept. I met a few other photographers out here in India and spoke more about the technique . While most of the folks i spoke with, have a good set of images with the concept, everyone suggested to import the Tubes from the US. Getting something across the world to try out can be an expensive affair, so me and Chinmay scratched our heads and were driven to make the tubes here. We had already tried the Light Painting with the steel wool and the mirch

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