Covid-19 is just another hurdle, 6 steps to face as business owners/Entrepreneurs

Given the current situation worldwide most countries have imposed a lock down or a stay indoors/work from home initiative. While it sounds like a logical solution to slow down the Covid-19 Pandemic it will definitely affect the financial stability of many businesses, especially entrepreneurs and new businesses.

1.Stay Informed

It is essential that as business owners, you stay on top of the news surrounding the virus.

  • Only take notes from official authorities like the WHO or your local government. 

  • Follow the public service announcements (PSA) made by your local government.

  • Always verify the source of whatever information you receive, ensuring it’s from an official channel. 

  • Do not believe everything you read on Social Media platforms like WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, etc. unless it comes from a certified medical authority. 

  • Discourage the spread of any kind of fake news around yourself. 

  • Inform others of the current situation and ask them to regulate only authentic information as well.

2.Proactively Manage Client Relationships

In times like these, it is essential for you to keep in touch with your clients and reassure them that you are on their side.

  • First, ensure to get in touch with your confirmed bookings. 

  • Talk to them and reassure them that you are as worried about the situation and their upcoming events and wedding celebrations.  

  • Give them confidence that you will side with them no matter what their decision is.

  • Clients that trust you are more likely to return in the future for further business so make sure that you proactively manage client relationships who are planning to get married soon.

3.Keep Your Potential Customers Engaged

It is important that you stay in touch with your potential customers. Though they may not book right away, given the circumstances. They are likely to return to your business and book for a later date if they trust you. So, always ensure that you keep a cordial and healthy relationship with them.

4.Become More Digitally Active

This simply means one thing that you Avoid physical meetings with clients. You need to adapt to digital modes of communication and use them at full capacity.

The use of digital communication will show your client that you care about their safety and well being and strengthen their trust in you. To ensure this note down the following points that will come handy to communicate with your customers:

  • Hold meetings over Video Calls, rather than face to face meetings. 

  • Use Emails and Phone Calls to keep in touch with clients. 

  • Reply your (customers/clients) messages asap.

  • Create a good and impressive portfolio online.

  • Work on ways to improve your digital presence through social media platforms.

5.Revise Your Cancellation Policy

Though it sounds a bit discerning, this is probably the best time to revise your cancellation policy and improve it further for your clien