Fill it Up|How to create stunning images using OCF

Shoot at the Golden hour and you can be sure that you get the most awesome natural light around. True! But why limit yourself when you can shoot anytime of the day and get dope photos using fill lights with your speedlites and strobes. The results look awesome and give a high-end feel to any outdoor portrait, and the best thing is that it’s really not too difficult. You just need to understand how to use a fill flash. Check the image below and why we use fill flash in photography and how we think about it. The Basics of Using a Fill Flash 1. Set your camera up to expose the background perfectly. Ignore the subject and don’t use a flash at this point. 2. Take a photo with the subject and you

Deciphering Couple Portraits|How I do it

Every now and then people ask how I get stunning couple portraits for everyday couples and it brings a smile to my face. While it is about photography and human interactions I coyly suggest its about keeping it simple. Lets break it down. 1. Know the couple Remember your couples aren't models, they are as human as they can be and most of them have never had a photo-shoot or any sort of formal training in posing. So it is imperative that the photographer takes an effort to know the couple. Start interacting with the couple the moment you make first contact with them, try to know their likes and dislikes, get involved in being their closest friend and it speaks when you start directing them fo

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