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Hey There!

You are the reason for my smile at this very moment, and that's where my story begins. I love to observe and document people in their essence. While I wouldn't claim to be destined to be a photographer, I have always enjoyed the scene from behind the camera. My journey starts with a degree in medicine, striving through corporate ladders to achieve international masters in business administration. While academic excellencies have never been scarce, I'm proud of my childhood buddies photography and writing. They have been my soul-mates,  motivators and my biggest supporters throughout my story. What nurtured and matured as a hobby, has today proven itself as the cornerstone of my professional career. There have been numerous occasions where I have found myself lost for directions and my skills have guided me towards my solace. Today whether it's shooting a wedding, capturing a portrait or simply chalking the story-board for the next campaign, images still fascinate me. It lights a fire to improve with each growing day and weave stories that visualize a whole new thought. 

Hi I'm Tejes Nayak welcome to my world of beautiful visuals and mesmerizing stories


Canon Photo Mentor since 2017

Fashion and Commercial Photography  Faculty at Frameboxx Animation 

Featured on 500px in "Portraits of India" series

Behance Medal Winner in 2013

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