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Deciphering Couple Portraits|How I do it

Every now and then people ask how I get stunning couple portraits for everyday couples and it brings a smile to my face. While it is about photography and human interactions I coyly suggest its about keeping it simple.

Lets break it down. 1. Know the couple

Remember your couples aren't models, they are as human as they can be and most of them have never had a photo-shoot or any sort of formal training in posing. So it is imperative that the photographer takes an effort to know the couple. Start interacting with the couple the moment you make first contact with them, try to know their likes and dislikes, get involved in being their closest friend and it speaks when you start directing them for the poses.

2. Scout the Locations

Chalk out a flow of your shoot without having any preconcived ideas about the locations. Go take a walk or Google the location that you plan to shoot. Think about frames keeping your couple in mind. Simple as it may sound, each location looks different for every couple you shoot. Your subject(couple) adds value to your location. Let them loose themselves in the location you choose with them.

3. Talk about the outfits

Most of us argue that its their choice to wear whatever they want for their photoshoot, however as a image consultant it is your responsibility to recommend what would look the best for your couple and the images they expect. Draw a visual plan for your couple and make them see what you wish to create for them.

4. Have a constant chat even while shooting

Everyone loves people who talk a lot, and couples love photographers who direct without cramping them in poses. Crack a joke, demonstrate what you have on your mind, make them walk into your shots and you start getting images which are more candid and non posed yet visually appealing .

5. Push your Limits

You are the best judge of your limits, the couple knows what you can do because they chose you seeing your portfolio however that doesn't restrict you to experiment and go the extra mile. Think about creating that unique image that sets this couple high up in your master pieces.


If you still feel there is more to learn on this topic feel free to comment and reach out to me and I'll keep sharing more insights.

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