Are you Ready for a Wedding Marathon?

Its September and almost time for another Wedding Season to start. Now wait did Weddings have a season? Well my short answer is yes it does. Very unlike the West, the Indian Wedding Season starts from October and runs up to practically the next August, now thats a long season. Many will say its only till March or a fewer ones will agree with May to be a stretch. I say its a long stretch with different communities having their own wedding seasons. Having witness a variety of weddings with almost every community that exists in India, I would say you better be prepared for a long long season. Here’s how I do it. 1. Fitness matters: Not only are the seasons so long but also the weddings days are

Are you a Photographer? Break the social media ice

Whether you’re just starting out with your photography business or have been at it for a while, everyone can benefit from learning to make quality social media posts. And whether it’s instagram, twitter, or facebook; there are a lot of opportunities to connect with a wider audience, build a following, and connect with other photographers. In this post we’ll explore a few tips for making the most out of your social media posts. A. TIME YOUR POSTS WISELY Your goal here is to reach a large audience and build a following, so you want to be sure to post photographs, blog posts, etc. that really show off your talent and personality. Along those same lines, you’ll want to post regularly, but you d

Gloomy Days and How to get over it

The last few days have been a mix of ups and downs. The weather playing a pivot role in the switch of moods for the day. Mumbai has seen the usual unpredictable monsoons this year and the gloomy days have been a signature of sorts. Every year the monsoons (winter in the western and snow covered nations) bring about a period where it is a little difficult to keep the moods up and running. With a substantial drop in the work assignments, it is a period one tends to loose focus, feel depressed and start worrying about how to make it forward. For professionals this is THE phase to look back on the year, work out a plan of improvement, learn new skills and practice the art and master new skills.

Poster at IIJS for Palak Jewellers

Exciting news as we created our first full size poster for Palak Jewellers at the recently concluded IIJS. Our portraits have made us a popular once more. Featured in the Poster is the gorgeous, Minakshi Jaiswal, Make Up and Hair done by Nisha Gulati. The poster showcases the intricate "Temple Jewellery" Collection from Palak Jewellers. Shot this with the aid of my team (Chinmay, Nkit) Agency: Ankit Shah Advertising. Client: Palak Jewellers Muse: Minakshi Jaiswal Photo/Retouch: Tejes Nayak MUAH:Nisha Gulati

Sunday's are eventful

The weekends are usually shoot days for photographers, especially in India where the work class client work can be done only on the weekend. As a photographer who works with corporate and non corporate clients, it makes it 7 day week for me. On a rare occasion you find an odd Saturday or Sunday where in the schedule looks empty and you can plan to take a day off, work on your other skills. Well that's for the plans but no matter what you plan to do with day off, you always end up having a thing or two pop up, especially on Sundays. Yeah "Sunday's are eventful" always! After a tiring day with the Photopedia session yesterday, I was expecting a smooth weekend as expected however Murphy has bee

Its the First one

I've been playing around with the idea to restart the blog for a while, things are changing and changing at a faster pace than expected. My initial thought was to continue with the "Indian Wedding Katha" blog where I shared my experiences about what it took to be a wedding photographer and how one should plan to become one, however I want to expand my blogging capabilities to a wider subject. While I'll share about the nuances of Wedding Photography every now and then, its is going to be more about photography in general and how i use it to help people around everyday business. Today was the apt day to start this as I participated in an initiative with Photopedia (

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