Lets Light it Up

Hey there! Everyone seems to ask me how do I make so much of drama in my pictures and I thought I would share a bit of my learnings. The core to my imagery whether photos or motion pictures is understanding lighting. And I crave to excel in this field with continuous experimentation. Lets start with the easier option of creating a lighting set up in the studio and then we can scale up and share a few more blogs in the series One Light Set Up Here we have single light source to the left of the camera, under strip box to spread a full length soft light on the model. Points to note are, there is no reflector used to fill the shadows from the right of the model. One can add up a reflector with

Have you thought about your pre-wedding photo session?

We have always considered our pre wedding sessions to be the first impression for our couples and we want to make it the most memorable for you. This photo session is exclusively for the couple and we want to make it as personal as we could. Before we browse through the pictures we want you to talk to your wedding photographer, get his/her take on how to make it an unique experience. It is all about planning and picking up your choices and the photographers can then make it memorable for you. If you are impressed with the works, call us to know discuss more ideas and If you are not getting hitched make sure you spread the word

Dear Bride, have you asked, your Wedding Photographer these questions?

Diwali is around the corner and most "Indian brides to be" are busy prepping up their wedding dates, the wedding season culturally starts with Tulsi Vivah and 2017 is one long long wedding season for wedding professionals. For Today's Indian Bride it is the most joyful time, as by now she's already working out her plans to start her new life. While Wedding planning in the family begins immediately after the dates are decided some aspects are decided over the due course of time. As an industry professionally We can ensure these are the best times to organise a wedding in India, with everything available at the touch of the phone. Moreover its blissful to see the couples take the onus of arran

How to create in Camera patterns in the background?

We had a great response to the workshop on the 11th at Infinite studio, with loads of positive post workshop feedback. The image technique that stood as the show stoppers were the images created with a simple camera capability know as the "slow shutter" or the "long exposure". Now I know a lot of you are going to ask, isn't the slow-shutter/long exposure destined to produce motion blur or soft silky looks, how did I manage to get the sharp and focused couple in the foreground. Well that's what photography is all about, knowing how light behaves and use it with your instrument to create a piece of art. We have been working on a series of imagery under the thought of "aesthetic use of slow s

Talk Less Shoot More

As a mentor the biggest lesson i've learnt is to follow a direct note to myself , "TALK LESS, SHOOT MORE". We live in a visual age and it has become a mandate for us to produce more and more visuals every single day. Although it has been an undying passion for me and my team to create visuals everyday, sometimes it does get intimidating about how and where are we going to create the next jaw dropping image. With the PHACE (Ace Photography and Photoshop) initiative we have indulged ourselves to make us ever ready to face the situation. While I will talk more about "PHACE" in the coming weeks, this blog post is about the session we had Mumbai Photographers Association on the 11th of Oct 2017

Poster Boy on the street

Yes you saw him in Holiday following orders and executing the plan with Akshay Kumar, diving in the sea and setting up an explosive climax, but have you seen him Stand up against Sunny (Deol) Paaji, this is Randheer, a buddy who has come of ages . Do catch his stunning role in Shreyas Talpade's Poster Boys. Meanwhile I just got through another session with this dude.

Workshop Announcement

Hey Everyone, A quick announcement for an upcoming workshop we have planned with Mumbai Photographers Association. The workshop is a part of the "Knowledge Sharing Series" which the MPA conducts every year before the beginning of the Wedding Season. My session is happening at Infinite Studio, Goregaon E on the 11th of Oct 2017 and I would mentoring the group about Indoor concepts which can be experimented to create beautiful couple portraits. The workshop will be done a real life couple and I'll be demonstrating the following techniques along with spontaneous modifications of the concepts. 1. Multiple Exposure in Camera 2. Aesthetic use of slow shutter to create fascinating backdrops. 3. Blo

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