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Talk Less Shoot More

As a mentor the biggest lesson i've learnt is to follow a direct note to myself , "TALK LESS, SHOOT MORE". We live in a visual age and it has become a mandate for us to produce more and more visuals every single day. Although it has been an undying passion for me and my team to create visuals everyday, sometimes it does get intimidating about how and where are we going to create the next jaw dropping image. With the PHACE (Ace Photography and Photoshop) initiative we have indulged ourselves to make us ever ready to face the situation. While I will talk more about "PHACE" in the coming weeks, this blog post is about the session we had Mumbai Photographers Association on the 11th of Oct 2017 at Infinite Studios, Goregaon E. The workshop was a part of the "Knowledge Sharing" week, the MPA conducts for its members.

The theme behind the workshop was to demonstrate creative ideas used during Pre Wedding Shoots and do them in controlled lighting at a studio.

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