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Dear Bride, have you asked, your Wedding Photographer these questions?

Diwali is around the corner and most "Indian brides to be" are busy prepping up their wedding dates, the wedding season culturally starts with Tulsi Vivah and 2017 is one long long wedding season for wedding professionals. For Today's Indian Bride it is the most joyful time, as by now she's already working out her plans to start her new life. While Wedding planning in the family begins immediately after the dates are decided some aspects are decided over the due course of time. As an industry professionally We can ensure these are the best times to organise a wedding in India, with everything available at the touch of the phone. Moreover its blissful to see the couples take the onus of arranging everything on their own to make the most memorable day come alive. We believe and wish that all the couples have a great wedding day and we thought we should help out with a guideline to choose the best as per their requirement. Hence we came up with a note of our most frequently asked questions for you (These are mostly related to photography and wedding films, since we are a wedding photography team)

How many images will we receive?

Our goal is to tell your story, fully, completely and beautifully. In doing so, we emphasize quality over quantity, employing a “Less is More” philosophy. We would rather give you a couple hundred “omgwtfwowholyshit” photographs, than a couple thousand “so-so- mediocre” ones. Our couples usually receive 500 to 1000 images. depending on the nature of their celebration.

When will we receive our images?

We aim to floort you with a couple “sneak peeks” within a few days of your wedding. But the best things in life come to those who wait. Our creative commitment to you extends well beyond your wedding day. It generally takes us about 8 to 12 weeks to artistically master your images, prepare your web gallery, produce your slideshow and design your album(which will arrive, along with your USB drive,6-8 weeks after final design approval).

What Cinema packages do we offer?

While buffets are great, we believe that each couple should chose their own deliverables. StoryTeller has a “primary package” with an a la carte menu for you to customise to your heart’s (and pocket’s) desire. Contact us with the details of your event for a list of recommended services.

How long are your films?

“Showcase” are of 5-8 mins. This is your short wedding film, a condensed version of the feature film, meant for sharing with everyone.

The feature film is 30-60 mins, depending on your events- rituals, days, locations. Along with that we give separate full videos for performances/interviews etc.

How much does a film cost?

Our pricing varies depending on your requirements including special equipments used, a la carte times and a number of parallel ceremonies, After we chat with you about key factors like location, coverage, timeline, budgets we will send you a proposal along with the extras on offer.

What are our payment terms?

50% of your total cost needs to be paid to book your dates. The balance 50% is due on the first day of the coverage. We start the edits only after the accounts are fully paid.

How much time do you take to deliver the films?

Our usual timeline is about 12-20 weeks from the event dates but it varies on the time your wedding takes place. Peak season traffic and nature of the film can be factors which change the timelines.

What is a Same Day Edit (SDE)? Could we do one for you?

The Same Day Edit (SDE) is a special “Showcase” film produced during your event. A SDE is an excellent way for the couple and their guests to relive the festivities and is usually displayed at the last event. a SDE can be produced as part of our a la carte menu. Once we know the details of your event we can advise you on the viability of a SDE.

Will you give us RAW Footage?

Do you order RAW food at your favourite diner? Frankly we don’t know what you’ll do with it, however if you insist, you can purchase it through the a la carte menu.

How are the film(s) delivered?

Your Film(s) are delivered on a special USB drives. Additional copies can also be ordered. We also keep a copy of your main film on our website for 1 year from delivery, which can only accessed online through a password. Your “Showcase” Film is going to be a part of our journey forever through our channels.

Its not a Big Fat Wedding, a very close and special event?

Be it 10000+ attendance or a private of the ten closest, we have never bragged ourselves as the ones meant for the rich and famous. Film making comes from an innate passion for us, yearning to showcase heart touching stories. Talk to us with your story and we will work out a solution.

Do we offer Traditional Photography and Videography?

Its 2016 and Wedding documentation has come off ages, besides what is “Traditional” Photography/Videography? We believe in avoiding distractions and people carrying cameras are a distraction (including unnecessary team additions). Each team member is a part of the team to ensure we do not obstruct each other’s frames.

How do you ensure we can make you the best possible film?

COMMUNICATION- Give us all the details of your event. Since we are shooting real life being prepared saves us and you a lot of heartache.

PARTICIPATION- The more your guests speak to us about you the better.

TRUST- While we love input from the couple, you have chosen us, let us take the creative calls.

LIMIT the distractions- We call for an unplugged event, let your guest enjoy the wedding instead of making in vain efforts of going viral with your wedding moments. We take care of that and make your wedding the most memorable day of your life.


Now don't be overwhelmed by the responses we have on our answers but the point here is to ask the right questions to ensure your wedding photographer is going to deliver the best of your requirements. Keep the pricing/budgets aside for a while and think about the best day of your life. There will be a lot of "Me Too" photographers in the market but don't (And I quote "DONT" )make your decisions, only on the pricing . We wish you a memorable Wedding day and hope you'll one of those proud STORYTELLER Brides :)

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