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Damn! We nailed it ;)

Back in October when we did the Light Painting image at our workshop, a friend suggested to check out images by Eric Paré. I must confess I fall for artist who are consistent with their works. The whole body of work was phenomenal with a single concept. I met a few other photographers out here in India and spoke more about the technique . While most of the folks i spoke with, have a good set of images with the concept, everyone suggested to import the Tubes from the US. Getting something across the world to try out can be an expensive affair, so me and Chinmay scratched our heads and were driven to make the tubes here. We had already tried the Light Painting with the steel wool and the mirchi (Christmas) lights so we were comfortable with the technique. Some effort and research made us realise that the tubes were something similar to the acrylic pipes used insulate wirings . Now the challenge was to get a strong source of light which could pass through the tube and illuminate. We found a LED Flashlight which could be inserted in the tubes and voila our tubes were ready. A few test shots were done and we were happy with the output so we scheduled a test shoot with a designer and a model.

On the day of the shoot there was a freak accident and I dropped the camera and lens, although it appeared that nothing went wrong but the lens had been damaged and the set of images we got during the shoot were all soft . The other challenge we faced was the Flashlight didn't give us the illumination we desired in the open landscapes. There was some amount of ambient light interfering within the frame and the images were dull. It was one of the first failures of our DIY experiments but giving up was never an option. We went back to our drawing boards and evaluated what went wrong and what worked. After waiting for a month we got another opportunity to shoot a couple in Lonavla and I saw this as a chance to experiment again.

PS: Since we have received a lot of enquiries about how we created the images. we are working on video tutorial which should be out later this week. Stay tuned.

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