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From Dawn to Dusk and Beyond| Manisha + Nitin Pre Wedding

We say "Its an Experience" and that's what we mean when we set for our Pre Wedding shoots. When I met Manisha and Nitin for the first time they seemed like every other couple who wanted to have a pre wedding shoot which would last for a couple of hours and get some pictures together. However me and Chinmay had different plans, we are stepping up the game to "make it" the experience we promise. It took us a while to visualise our plans, a handful of meetings (including one at Sai Baba Mandir, don't be stoked we meet people everywhere and anywhere, it is not about expensive coffee shops and happening places). Most importantly Manisha and Nitin gave us an insight of their love story and we designed the Pre Wedding to make it their experience. You'll find everything from wide landscapes, off camera flash, wide aperture bokehs to flowing Namzish gown and our signature tubestories. Go on have a look.

Images Shot by Chinmay Joshi

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