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We all went for a Day out| Akash + Bhoomi PreWedding

Okay let us get it straight, this set will not feature any behind the scenes images but we actually went on a Official Pre Wed shoot with the family. I'll post the other stories some other day (perhaps you might have seen them on my insta stories ;) ) So plan was simple to spend the day. Reach Greenway properties (Wada), checkout a cool farm house, stroll down to see what's coming up nearby, walk down to the river side, take a nature trail and do some light painting (Hope you are following the tubestories). And.. And.. And.. we got these ;)

Now the back story of these nature trail images is something we shouldn't miss, after taking a tractor ride (we wished we had an off road vehicle, that would have been an epic ride ) down to the river we were almost running out of time for the sunset (there are no blue hour images in the set ;) ) We thought we should give this "Nature trail" a skip too, but anyway wanted to check the path. The first glimpse of the miss, changed our plans, blue hour some other day, out come the Mag Gels and the smoke sticks and voila you just saw what we created

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