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How Do Fashion Photographers make Money?

Lately you see a lot of photographers prospering on Instagram with strong portfolio. While most of these photographers may belong to the wedding photography genre, fashion has always been a limelight genre to visualise. Fashion Photography is both glamorous yet disheartening genre in photography and making a living is even more tougher than the other genres of photography. There are several things a fashion photographer does to make living

1. Editorials

It is hard fact that editorials don't pay you a great deal however these shoots make a quintessential part of your portfolio. Magazines will eventually start paying you for your editorials and give you a foundation stone towards making your brand.

2. Look-books

Everyone needs a visual display of their skills. Fashion Designers, Stylists, Make Up Artists are all on a lookout to showcase their works. Team Up with like minded creatives to make a look-book work to show your work.

3. Campaigns

Working on long term projects with Brands brings you both recognition and financial aid. More and more campaigns under your belt will get you the meat of the earning from fashion photography.

4. Advertorials The editorials eventually turn into advertorials once you have established your style and profile. Creating ads based on your print shoots.

5. Portfolio Now I consider this to be a bread and butter of a fashion photographer, the more portfolios you shoot the more content you have to brag about. These may range from beginner shoots to celebrity shoots .

6. Product shoots Although a Fashion Photographer mostly shoots Garments, Jewellery or other wearable accessories it is not limited to those and Product photography is an essential source of revenue generation.

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