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Photography is a dead career

Lets accept the fact, Photography is a dead career in today's visual era. It doesn't have the respect, the charm and definitely not the Money in it, any longer. Now you certainly think I must be smoking something really obnoxious to make a statement like this, if not, you must be thinking that this guy has "just given up" . Being a Professional photographer for over a decade and an ardent hobbyist for as long as I can remember my days, I call myself an observer to say the least. No I'm not trying to say I'm a Photographer and I have lost all hopes. However I will stand by my words and advice every aspirant to look beyond photography as a career option.

1. We are beyond single masterpieces

Gone are the days when a single photo changed the fate of the photographer who shot it. No single image can make your identity and you'll have to build up a mass of photography work to make your vision realistic.

2. Photography is a skill and skill can be learnt, ever so easily in today's digital world. You are simply learning to use an instrument which has comes ages and with the help of ever developing AI (artificial intelligence), taking photos is nothing different from writing a note on your to do list.

3. When Henri Cartier Bresson said " Your first 10000 photos are your worst" while explaining the art of mastering the definitive moment he probably ignored the day which will demand a million photos a day and that day is behind us and we see about 10 million photos being circulated everyday. To be a master you'll have to shoot 100000 photos everyday and then work on them to improve yourself.

4. Back in the days only the privileged or affluent thought about photography as a career and there were about a hundred odd photographers around. Today you have to step up to be a graphic designer, a retouch artist, a content creator , an influencer or even an illusionist after you have taken the photograph and you'll be competing with every frustrated soul at the office desk, who thinks they have a soul calling to take pictures once their mundane routine gives them a while to breathe.

5. People no longer cherish static images, they prefer motion. Even memories are more appreciated in a video compared to a photo-frame hanging on the wall. Milestones are fondly shared via motion captures and nobody cares about the naked bum baby photos.

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