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Sunday's are eventful

The weekends are usually shoot days for photographers, especially in India where the work class client work can be done only on the weekend. As a photographer who works with corporate and non corporate clients, it makes it 7 day week for me. On a rare occasion you find an odd Saturday or Sunday where in the schedule looks empty and you can plan to take a day off, work on your other skills.

Well that's for the plans but no matter what you plan to do with day off, you always end up having a thing or two pop up, especially on Sundays. Yeah "Sunday's are eventful" always!

After a tiring day with the Photopedia session yesterday, I was expecting a smooth weekend as expected however Murphy has been a nemesis. Note I'm writing a blog post around 11 am with practically half of day at my hand and it has been an eventful day already.

The usual 6 am starts are now a habit for the weekend, even if you are free for the day. I started with a finesse finish to the edits from the session. While I was winding up the edits to share them, I get a call from a client (6:20 am) that a file misses the audio output. And that sets up the probe of how could it miss the sound. A quick reconciliation and the issue is identified and process to rectify the error is planned. While that is going to take most of the day today, I did note that Adobe latest update in Lr is having issues on running on our systems, while I try to reach out the customer care on a Sunday at 07.00 in the morning my day does seem to be filled with trouble shooting .

As I wish I could get a positive push for a gloomy looking day, I browse through the follow ups on the messages from the last week. Message 03 has a confirmation. Yeah, we are one up (That's the usual reaction for every confirmed assignment). Next message 08 has more demands. Message 11 another enquiry and message box seems to be never ending.

Reading each message has been a motivator for me and my team, its not always a confirmation, it could be thank you note, an appreciation, a testimonial, a grievance (yes we get those too) or random call for collaboration.

After a couple of hours of the edit desk and equal number of caffeinated boosters Sunday looks the usual. Maybe I should call someone just for a laugh

PS: Images in the post are not mine :)

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