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Its the First one

I've been playing around with the idea to restart the blog for a while, things are changing and changing at a faster pace than expected. My initial thought was to continue with the "Indian Wedding Katha" blog where I shared my experiences about what it took to be a wedding photographer and how one should plan to become one, however I want to expand my blogging capabilities to a wider subject. While I'll share about the nuances of Wedding Photography every now and then, its is going to be more about photography in general and how i use it to help people around everyday business.

Today was the apt day to start this as I participated in an initiative with Photopedia ( in Mumbai. They had a session planned with 6 photographers (Me, Minakshi Jain, Supriya Shah, Nilanchal Nayak, Akash Kale, Aarti Pekette) shooting a adorable couple (Shashank & Dimpy) with a single lens (of choice) at Mumbai's very own Bandra Fort at Bandstand. The bride was dressed in gowns designed by Namrata (Namzish and each photographer had a time slot of 15 mins to shoot their style of images with one single lens of choice. A special thank you to Divyam Ramji Mehrotra (Wedingrams/Photopedia) for being the lighthouse to keep everyone on their path to create and make it a great day. While I would love to share everyone's images (which will soon be shared on the Photopedia facebook page) i'll limit to my set for this post.

The plan was to create 3 images with specific techniques :

1. Using artificial lighting to fill shadows created by natural light

2. Landscape framing (I'm a more of a portrait photographer)

3. Cinegraph

Here's what I was able to create

While the weather did play around with us a capricious child, all of us managed to get a set of images showing our style.

Keep coming back to check more on the blogs

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