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Love thy wings

When I met Mouhit for the first time I found him like every other biker, passionate to ride easy to converse. Little did I know the back story of this jovial guy and there was a lot to explore. One thing for sure we connected well and kept in touch. Surprise 1 I found he is an aspiring pilot (He's no longer a wannabe, but a seasoned Pilot now ;) ) Surprise 2 he found a beautiful co partner in Manasi (simple, gorgeous and gracious, in awe of her hair curls, don't you ever straighten them) . If that wasn't enough Mouhit asked to meet over a weekend to discuss his wedding plans. After a couple of schedules I managed to meet him and Manasi (between my travels) and learnt Mouhit's firmness on having me as their storyteller. (Itna Pyaar, I'm touched bro) Cutting the story short we did have great time making memories for you and please bear with me if I put your images and videos everywhere to showcase your love.