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Are you Ready for a Wedding Marathon?

Its September and almost time for another Wedding Season to start. Now wait did Weddings have a season? Well my short answer is yes it does. Very unlike the West, the Indian Wedding Season starts from October and runs up to practically the next August, now thats a long season. Many will say its only till March or a fewer ones will agree with May to be a stretch. I say its a long stretch with different communities having their own wedding seasons. Having witness a variety of weddings with almost every community that exists in India, I would say you better be prepared for a long long season. Here’s how I do it.

1. Fitness matters: Not only are the seasons so long but also the weddings days are nothing less than a 12 hour work shift. People will say you don’t work any longer if you are following your passion but hey, remember you are a human after-all. I would recommend investing a good amount of time in your fitness, both physical and mental. I prefer to walk or conduct photowalks, serves two purposes for me, walking keeps me in shape, photographing keeps my thoughts thinking over.

2. Build Photography circles: Having a cup of coffee or a beer with a fellow wedding photog is a great idea to improve and build your networks. Nobody is competition in this industry. If you raise your benchmarks there are endless possibilities. So go out with your buddies, discuss your issues and challenges, you may just find a simple alternative to your worries.

3. Be your own critic: Self criticism is best mode to evaluate your photography skills, never ever feel that you are the best and you are indispensable. You may refine yourself going over your past works. One more reason I recommend to always store your past works, the digital space is cheap and one has to utilise it.

4. Take some communication classes: The reason I say it is a vital part of a photographers arsenal is very practical. Everyone is not a visual communicator and there comes a situation where you’ll have to communicate your thoughts verbally or in text. Being a versatile communicator will help you a ton to across where no photographer has gone before(ah leave the star wars cliche for the while)

5. Create Personal projects: The Lead time is best time where you can conceptualise the personal projects. Keep on experimenting with new themes and ideas. You never know your Wedding photography may just benefit from your personal projects.If you feel this isn’t coherent with your Wedding Photography business I wish you all the best for a long tiring season ahead. If you want to stay ahead and different, try some of my suggestions.

Happy Clicking

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